Welcome to VOX Telecom Dubai

VOX Telecom Dubai established itself as the leading providing of Telecommunication solutions and services. The credit goes to its hand skills and years of experience. Yes, for years we have been providing business’s like you with their communication needs. We offer the utmost solutions that develop a strong bond between you and your third parties, want to know how?

How Are We Different?

Let us make things easy for your business to improve your operations by providing you competitive pricing & affordable telephone system solutions. VOX  Telecom guarantees you unmatched reliability with the highest performance and sophisticated security with our range of products. We partnered with leading telephone product manufacturers to  give you best out of the box solutions. Our Product partners include Panasonic , Nec, Avaya, Dlink, Grandstream , Dlink, Cisco, Yealink, RTX and Polycom.

Consider us if you want peace of mind when it comes to your  telephone system . Today, Businesses need full-service approach to set their industry standard for management and consolidation. We realize this fact and thus provide you with voice and data solution to improve your productivity.

  • Mobilize Your Working Environment

With VOX Telecom, you can now connect and collaborate over the different device. We make communication easy for you with secure video, voice and messaging.

  • Phone Internet VoIP for Wide Coverage

If you are a Multi office operation in different countries, then you need to choose us for consolidating Network, Phone, PBX System and IP-VPN with network security.

  • Feature rich IP PBX Systems

Provide great customer satisfaction with IP PBX telephone systems. IP PBX will often have more professional features than traditional telephone systems. Those include features like call queues, voicemail systems, email notifications , IVR, Call reporting, Computer telephony integration [ CTI ]  and automatic attendants (voice menus).

  • Don’t Juggle for Multiple Integrators. Choose the Best.

It’s time to get rid of the confusion and high costs related to phone and internet management of different locations.

  • Creating Seamless Experiences

Providing you the on-demand extensions of technology, VOX Telecom helps you overcome your day by day challenges for future planning with opening and closing of locations.

  • Better Telecom Management & Support

Do you face trouble for Telephone system management. Forget the old support contracts because we are providing you leading edge telephone system support that will become the cream of the crop for your business. Enjoy growth with our affordable and efficient telecom maintenance contracts to provide you with a clear insight into your business.


Wide Telecom Product range with Affordable Costs in Dubai

VOX Telecom Dubai is the complete telecommunications service company that provides networking and telephone infrastructure for both your commercial and residential needs.  We provide business telephone systems for businesses of every size and nature.

We also perform conjunction with all telecommunication devices such as IP Telephone and VoIP Gateway and ensure every installation and repair is seamless at our end. This feature allows to cause as little disruption as possible. Our dedication to providing qualitative services has earned us the authorization of dealing different brands including Grandstream, NEC, Panasonic , Avaya, Yeastar, RTX, Dlink , Digium, Snom , Asterisk and many more. Also to providing quality products, we also offer competent product services.

Avaya Telephone System

Avaya Introduced itself with communication methods for true engagement and established itself as one of the leading telecom assets. Providing technological marvels for unified communication, Avaya not only helps your business for better communication but also for better management and networking. This company serves the business of all sizes as it brings together people with the right information.

Panasonic PBX System

This Brand needs no introduction, Panasonic is praised all over for its technological innovations. Admittedly, this company also made its mark in the telecom market by providing the high end telephone system products with rich features and unmatched reliability. This company has accumulated the latest technology for clean voice and smooth conversations in office telephone system.

NEC Telephone System

Built on the base of “Better Products, Better Service”. NEC is the first joint venture of Japan with Foreign Capital. This Company was founded by Kunihiko Iwardare in associate with Western Electric Company. This company came forward in the international market by fulfilling its promises and providing great telephone system to the customers in all category from SMB to Enterprise level.


Founded in 2002, Grandstream has successfully established itself as one of the leading Manufacturer of IP Voice and Video products. This company came forward with the idea of providing SMB enterprise grade technology at an affordable price, and it is highly praised for it. Today, this company is service the consumer market with qualitative open standard SIP Based telephone system & security cctv Products.

Cisco Telephony

Tomorrow Starts Here; this fast forward thinking is the reason behind Global acclaim of this company. Cisco believes the Internet is of everything, and therefore it helps its clients prepare for it. In short, it prepares its clients for tomorrow. They help to change; Change is the key to survival, and it makes sure its clients stay at the top of their game by providing them future-ready products. With that being said, this company offers a wide array of high-quality telecom products.  Need to say more about it!

Yeastar Mypbx

Yeastar develops and manufactures IP PBX and VoIP Gateways while it distributes the latest generation technology for business communication.  Yeastar handles designing and deploying innovative solutions to telecom applications. It does so to help your business maintain stable relation with your counter parties. This company is well recognized in the telecom market for its innovative approach for high performance and affordable VOIP & Telephone System Dubai products.

Digium Telephony

Digium offers IP phones, business phone systems, such as Switchvox IP PBX, and custom communications solutions for Asterisk.Digium, the Asterisk Company, created which is the innovative force behind Asterisk, one of the most popular open source telephony software. Since its founding in 1999 by Mark Spencer, Digium is among the most open source substitute for proprietary communication providers, with offerings that cost just as much as Eighty percent less.

IP Telephones

A VoIP phone or IP telephone uses Voip [ Voice over IP Network ] technologies for putting and transmitting phone calls over an IP network, for example the Internet, rather than the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). We carry top brands in IP Phones to fullfill your business needs. IP Telephone brands include Yealink, Dlink, RTX, Avaya, Fanvil, Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom and many more.Call us today to get the best deals on ip phons in Dubai.

Why You Need Us

VOX  Telecom Dubai not only offers leading telecom solutions to improve your relation with your clients but also to grow your business, however, possible.  We have all the expertise you need for rocketing to the top. We do this by advising you on your call costs and suggesting how you can cut them. Apart from them, we also offer mobile solutions and packages for your business, not to mention, we also serve you with landline rentals.

  • Competitive Mindsets

Technological innovations always drive demand. This fact is because the profitability of companies ultimately relies on practical marketing and operations. As large corporations enjoy the economy of scale for high automated services to extensive customer networks.This feature gives small businesses a bit of disadvantage as they are not strong enough to afford such amenities. However, they can establish a strong following with superior communication with their counterparties, and this is where we come in. We equip your business with cutting edge communication solutions that allow you to focus on the underserved market.

  • Excerpt Telecom Service

VOX Telecom provides you facilities for Voice, Text, Sound, and Data and even for video transmission via wireless, wired and satellite networks.  We only offer the best product range from industry leading brands such as Avaya, Yeastar, Grandstream , Panasonic, Yealink, Dlink , Nec ,Cisco ,Polycom and others.

How does VOX Telecom Work?

Being the leading provider of telecommunication solutions in our region, VOX Telecom Dubai works with the top equipment companies to ensure you only enjoy the best.  We are well aware of the fact that our clients seize opportunities to transform their business. Therefore, we help them with critical support and expertise for better results.

Also, we also focus on developing the pragmatic strategies to fulfill their needs and challenges. We not only work to improve your relation with your associates but for the following:

Growth:  Strategy is the core of doing business. With that being said, trust is the essential element of business and for unforgiving trust, you can’t afford communication gap.

Transformation: Change is the part of nature, but only dead fish goes with the flow. Realizing this fact, we lead the cross functional efforts to change your business’s financial, strategic and operational direction for outstanding results.

Organizing: Only the Effective organizations can be useful for providing companies the edge that makes them different from their competition.  We make sure you are working routine is set up and correctly working to exceed the expectations of your prospects.

Simplification: Complexity only leads to a cycle that ruins your financial infrastructure. To elevate your efficiency, VOX Telecom comes up with solutions to for improving your performance and developing agile working infrastructure that is easy to manage and adopt.

User Experience: VOX Telecom assists you to come with unparalleled business strategies. Our expertise allows us to improve your customer engagement to ensure optimal service with better pricing.

Our Ambition

VOX Telecom makes you build a competitive advantage for your business by making the right decisions. Telecom companies in Dubai need to understand how they can win the war of customer satisfaction with seamless connectivity. Yes, we have all the expertise you need to develop a profound communication experience with your prospects while addressing the critical needs of your business.  So decide how you want to become a part of your industry and finalize your technological infrastructure for a seamless user experience.