VOX Telecom – IP TelePhone Dubai 

The IP Telephones, also known as VoIP Telephone Dubai come with Voice over IP technologies that help for transmitting and placing calls over IP networks. These networks are based on the internet instead of the PSTN. The modern Digital based telephone services come with control protocols known as SIP, SCCP and others.

The IP Telephone in Dubai come in different types with their pen specific purposes. Initially designed for businesses. However these phones are also used for home telecom needs. Giving businesses a sharp edge with their technological advancement, VOX Telecom helps you making the right decision about this choice by providing the top brands with their most decorated series.

Avaya phones

Based on the IP Office Application Infrastructure, the Avaya Phones are rich in feature and have everything expected in a reliable business phone. Moreover, these phones come with an intuitive user interface for a good user experience. All of them are equipped with a set of programmable buttons which can be set according to your preferences. Despite such qualities, these phones are Cost effective.

  • 1600 Series
  • 3600 Series
  • 3700 Series
  • 4600 Series
  • 5600 Series
  • 9600 Series

Grandstream IP Phone Dubai

The Grandstream Phones come with rich functionality along with quality audio, multiline indicator, integrated PoE and countless other features. Making an ideal fit for the business of every size, the Grandstream is offering a comprehensive line of affordable phones which feature innovative technology. The GXP series phones come with compatibility for most service providers, and they help you to create a seamless office environment.

It does so by integrating traditional phone systems in VoIP network to manage your communication needs. These phones are made for easy interoperability with leading edge IP PBX, Switchboards, and even environments.

  • GXE Series
  • GXP Series
  • GXW Series

Dlink IP Phone

The Dlink offers you a cost effective and high performing solution for your business communication needs. The Dlink IP Telephone range seamlessly fulfills all VoIP deployment needs of Enterprise and home office levels in addition, these phones come with high-quality speaker technology along with a wide array of voice services that include call hold, transfer, and a 3 way conference option.

These phones come with a dual Ethernet interface and lets you install existing network location without interfering with PC network connects for toll voice quality.

  • DPH 150SE
  • DPH 400SE
  • DPH 400EDM
  • DPH 850S-N

Yealink IP Telephone

Yealink IP Telephone Dubai  provides your business with a reliable communications solution. These phones are rich in feature, and they make an ideal choice for small to large businesses. Also, these phones are well compatible with a wide range of IP PBX while they have support for Session Initiation Protocol. Despite being reliable and qualitative, these phones are easy to configure and deploy as they come with mass deployment support.

  • SIP T18
  • SIP T18P
  • SIP T19
  • SIP T19P
  • SIP T20
  • SIP T20P
  • SIP T21
  • SIP T21P
  • SIP T22
  • SIP T26P
  • SIP T28P
  • SIP T32G
  • SIP T38G
  • SIP T41P
  • SIP T42G
  • SIP T46G
  • SIP T48G
  • VP530

Polycom IP Phones

Polycom presents an enterprise grade SIP phone series made for effective communication. The SoundPoint Polycom IP Telephone Dubai are rich in feature and are ideal for businesses of all sizes. These phones are simple, and they come with an intuitive user interface. Thanks to their revolutionary voice quality, they are compatible with both SIP hosted IP PBX and Softswitch Platforms.  Regardless to say, these phones are proven to be reliable with their consistent high performance. Following is the SIP Phone range from this brand:

  • SoundPoint 321
  • SoundPoint 331
  • SoundPoint 335
  • SoundPoint 450
  • SoundPoint 550
  • SoundPoint 560
  • SoundPoint 650
  • SoundPoint 670


The MOCET IP Telephone UAE Family consist of Desktop IP Phones designed for businesses of all size. The MOCET Phones are a symbol of new generation phones with innovation and practical interoperability. Now you can enjoy powerful functionalities wit these phone as they are comfortable to use. Using the lead edge tech, these phones come with Built in IPSEC VPN client, XMPP and instant messaging. Also, these phones also come with support for NAT. in short, these phones have everything needed for IP Phone Dubai deployments challenges we faced in today’s world.

  • IP3022 Phone
  • IP3032 Phone
  • IP3062 Phone
  • IP3072 Phone
  • IP Communicator

Panasonic UT Series phones

The Panasonic UT Series Phone come with super audio quality with duplex hands-free speakerphone and an integrated headset port. These are ergonomically designed and come with all features to improve your working efficiency. The idea for some applications, these phones support a wide range of wired and DECT headsets with EHS connect. Also, they are equipped with a clear LCD, which feature an easy to use interface. All of the UT series phones come with a built-in Electronic Hook Switch, which is a digital terminal to access DECT headsets.

  • KX-UT113
  • KX-UT123
  • KX-UT133
  • KX-UT136
  • KX-UT248
  • KX-UT670

Cisco SPA phones

The Cisco offers a unified range of IP Phones Dubai. These phones are a reliable mean of quality communication for your business needs. Thanks to their productive abilities, these phones help you to improve your collaboration with your prospects. The Cisco SPA Phones are designed to be installed without a hitch. Yes, these offer easy installation option with handy updates. The broad portfolio of this company with quality entries not only improve the efficiency of your business but also decreases its operational expenses. See its wide range of products below:

  • SPA 300
  • SPA 500
  • 6900 Series
  • 7900 Series
  • 8900 Series
  • 9900 Series

Polycom Conference Phones

The Conference Call Technology has brought a revolution to many elements of daily communication. These phones are now an important part of holding conferences in your boardroom, meeting room, office and even home. These phones come in all types such as wireless, corded, IP enable and much more.

These phones are only made with the highest standards of technology.  This allows you to communication with important prospects of your business without wasting a moment or the need to repeat yourself.

  • SoundStation 2
  • SoundStation 2W
  • SoundStation 2W EX
  • SoundStation 5000
  • SoundStation 6000
  • SoundStation 7000
  • SoundStation Duo
  • Polycom VTX 1000