An Office Phone  System is definitely the prime requirement of every second business. It needs a  PBX system. The IP Pbx is quite similar in function compared to a proxy server. IP Phones are inclined to work together with the  PABX / PBX  System. In the event the user wants to make a phone call, then your  PBX server is needed to make the connection. In case you are using an IPPbx system, it includes a directory that maintains the telephone and SIP addresses of the clients. Usually, the IP PBX system is facilitated having a VoIP gateway as well, and an internal call could be connected via a VoIP gateway. The IP Pbx system is in the center location within a company. The IP Phones can simply connect straight to the IP Pbx phone system by utilizing the network.


VOX Telecom offers customizable and scalable solutions for Telephone communication, collaboration and security which are reliable, affordable and flexible enough to allow you to become more attentive to your customers. We will help you to remain better linked to remote and mobile colleagues, and also to effectively adapt towards the challenges of the ultra-competitive marketplace. We combine advanced telephony products run by IP enabled applications having a comprehensive suite of Interactive presentation and conferencing tools. With VOX Telecom, time and distance aren’t Barriers to creating the essential connections that will enable your business to achieve success today, tomorrow and the near future.


Panasonic PABX


Successful organizations are always searching for possibilities to do more with less. Their intention is always to keep your company flexible, innovative and competitive, without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. Panasonic Telephone system puts the solution at your fingertips with the Panasonic PBX  System Dubai with their NS series and TDA / TDE series.Panasonic PBX System is the  choice for all medium and small size businesses today.Supporting several business features, it is the perfect solution for start-ups and much more established businesses, regardless of whether you operate from one office, your house office or across multiple branch office or locations.



Think about Telecommunication technology that will support your everyday operations and expand when your business does. Grandstream Dubai offers a highly reliable communications technology that doesn’t require a huge budget or complicated installation and management. Grandstream IP PBX is a cost effective Telephony communication system for companies in Dubai with up to 2000 employees, which can be flexibly configured and expanded based on the specific requirements of your business. Use the great features of Grandstream PBX Dubai, such as voice mail, remote office solution, Mobile Application to achieve working efficiency throughout your business and customer satisfaction.

AVAYA IP500 Dubai


To deliver exceptional customer support , your staff require the support of effective and always available communication technology. Avaya PBX System Dubai is perfect solution for for supporting office function across your business. Avaya Dubai support remote workers, Mobile client , Desk Phones, Dect Phones Dubai ad highly configurable voice mail system to ensure that your office connected always. It will make sure your employees are stay connected ,regardless of the location.To be aware of issues or identify possible enhancements for your customer support, you must have access to previous conversations. The Avaya call recording Dubai can be used to routinely record customer conversations.



Dlink telephone system provide business connectivity its built in Asterisk Engine and the remote working capability enable business with multiple branches. Dlink PBX System allow the staff to work from anywhere and answer the potential office phone calls from wherever he is with an internet connectivity. Dlink PBX support  supports a wide range of different telephones including Dlink Desk phones itself. Dlink IP Phones Dubai offer high qaulity audio and VPN connectivity for remote working. Dlink Telephone system provides full voice functionality with a range of business features.The video softphone computers and mobile devices allows users to get in touch with video and audio (requires third party Software license)

Yeastar UAE


Discover the world of benefits with YEASTAR MyPbx communication solution.Its an IP platform that deliver high end Telecom communication for your business.In the present approach on Business Telephone System Dubai must provide ways of real-world Business requirements, for example simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs and improving productivity, while flexibly adjusting to just how the organization works. The Mypbx Telephone System  from  Yeastar Dubai designed to deliver these solutions by integrating software and hardware components within a modular way. Yeastar allow you to build a communication system to your specific needs. Yeastar Mypbx Dubai build on SIP protocol with power full desktop software tools , voice messaging and an interactive voice response system.



NEC Provide Telephone System, that is cost effective , grows with your business. NEC Dubai brings your team together by combining the communications of your entire staff  whether behind a desk, on the road, in the warehouse or at the branch office.NEC IP Phone portfolio includes an impressive array of user-friendly, full-featured VoIP and video phones that can meet the needs of your entire organization. If your business requires high-quality voice, access NEC Telephone System  is the answer for you. Nec PBX System Reduce operating & administration costs , on the other hand Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. The NEC Dect Phones Dubai endpoints are for people who need to move about their work-space, within the campus or when teleworking at home.